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configuring kmail


Okay, I'm sorry if this is an idiotic question. I just successfully
completed my installation of KDE, (thanks Ivan!) and now I'm trying to
configure kmail. I've read the instructions in the help file and tried
to carry them out but I get an "unknown host" error when I try to
receive mail. (I'm using a different OS right now which is why I can
email.). I'm entering the info just as I would here in windoze (okay I
confess) which I suspect is probably wrong. I.e.

SMTP server: pacific.net.ph

incoming mail server: pacific.net.ph

Clearly this is wrong in the context Linux, but I'm clueless as to
what's right. I suppose it's related to the fact that under linux my
machine has it's own hostname. ("pudgy" - don't ask). So does that have
to get worked in somehow? Or do I have to use sendmail? Thanks.


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