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Re: KDE 2.1b1 and apt-get

> > the potato "beta" section on kde.tdyc.com (and it's mirrors) contains
> > *post* 2.1b2 packages.
> Since the FTP server at kde.tdyc.com ceased, I've been using the following
> sources.list line:

rkrusty@tootie:~$ ftp kde.tdyc.com
Connected to kde.tdyc.com.
220 buddha.optics.arizona.edu FTP server ready.
Name (kde.tdyc.com:rkrusty):

hmmm...it ceased?

> deb http://kde.tdyc.com/debian potato main crypto optional beta
> However, when I do an upgrade I'm not getting the new packages installed. For
> example, my installed kdm is version 2.1-20010101-0, which it thinks is the
> latest, while the current one on kde.tdyc.com is version 2.1-beta2-0128-0.
> Is this an issue with the version numbering, with it getting the preference
> wrong? Or have I stuffed up somewhere?

try kde2.tdyc.com instead...  I switched boxes a few days ago and it looks like there
is still some lingering dns issues.


Ivan E. Moore II
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