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Re: kfloppy works ?

>>>>> "I" == Ivan E Moore <rkrusty@tdyc.com> writes:

 T> Has someone used kfloppy ? On my four linuxboxes it simply does nothing : I 
 T> want an ext2 filesystem with complete formatting, checking and all... and 
 T> after less than 2 seconds it just tells me it is finished with no error ! I 
 T> know it worked with KDE1 and some beta of KDE 2.0.
 T> The permissions are OK, I think :
 T> brw-rw----    1 root     floppy     2,   0 jui  5  2000 /dev/fd0
 T> and my users are in the floppy group.
 T> Any idea ?
 >> Kfloppy just creates a file system but does not format (even when I
 >> select "Full Format" and "Verify on".
 >> With KDE2 I never succeeded in formatting a floppy up to now!! -- Bug?

 I> I can only speak for the version I am running wich is the latest CVS version
 I> (currently being uploaded to Debian for unstable)...

 I> kfloppy is *extremly* fast in formatting the floppy I slapped in the drive..I
 I> formatted it for both dos and then ext2...both completed successfully.

After two or three seconds?? OK, Kfloppy reports success, but I can
not believe that a HD floppy is fully formatted AND verified so fast!

 I> I am in the group floppy...and I also have dosfstools installed (needed for
 I> the dos formatting)

 I> I'm not sure what problems you all are having...maybe it's the version your
 I> running and it has since been fixed...but I do know that it currently works.

Hmm... I'm sceptic :-}

Btw., kfloppy -v says:

Qt: 2.2.3
KDE: 2.0.1
KFloppy: v1.3.0                                                                 

Hubert Palme         Bergische Universitaet-Gesamthochschule Wuppertal
                                      Computing  Center
                                      D-42097 Wuppertal
E-Mail: palme@uni-wuppertal.de             (Germany)

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