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Re: Debian-KDE FAQ...

I think it should include,

6 -Q: "What is the proper line to add to /etc/apt/sources.list?"
7 -Q:  "BTW, what is this 'sources.list'?"


Colin Mattoon

Jaime Robles wrote:

> Hello all!
> The List FAQ is going to be started.... so... the first thing is to
> decide ALL the questions that the FAQ should try to answer...
> Maybe it could start with:
> 1.-Question: Is there a list for KDE & Debian users?
> 2.-Q: How can I subscribe the  "debian-kde@lists.debian.org"
> 3.-Q:Where are the Release schedules?
> 4.-Q: What's avail and what's not?
> 5.-Q: How do I install it...I can't find a package called "kde"?
> Those are only suggestions.... the main idea, i think shoud be that we
> all make the FAQ... so please, reports!
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> Un saludo,
>         Jaime Robles
>         jaime@kde.org
>         Coordinador KDE-ES http://www.kde.org/es
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