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Re: Need some clear X windows documentation

First, Debian does have an X-Taskforce, but it is more concerned with packaging
X for Debian.

Second, Debian had a Graphical X config called XF86Setup. The caps are
important!!! This will give you a graphical configuration, where you use the
keyboard to select the right mouse, then use the mouse to configure the rest.
It's not the best, but it is very useful. Unfortunately, I don't think this
works with xfree4.0, but this is not in stable Debian. With xfree 3.6.X, though
it will at least get you X configured and working. Once X is working, kdm should
configure and start with no intervention.

Third, X is extremely complex! I think that's what the X stands for, eXtremely
compleX : ) Seriously, X can do so much, you could dedicate a PhD to studying X.
ERS wrote a fairly good HOWTO about modelines for X, there are a few other
HOWTO's in the Linux Documentation Project concerning X. I've done a little work
with X as a remote terminal. Due to X's network transparency, you can use a very
cheap piece of hardware to drive your keyboard and display and have the whole
rest of your system anywhere in the Internet. This is an extreme example, but
gives you an idea.

www.xfree.org has some info and a few links. A search will, unfortunately return
loads of inappropriate sites, but if you start from Linux or UNIX sites, you can
probably find more documentation about X. If you just want to get X running, I'd
stick with XF86Setup. If you are really interested in X, start with the links,
find some books, I know there are quite a few, and check some more
general-purpose mailing lists.

I hope this is helpful to you.


     John Gay

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