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Re: 2.1 and games


Using dselect again, I attempted to gain the toys/games back. That resulted
in a large loss of what I had just installed - guess it wasn't a sanitary
idea. Dselect is again downloading all the packages to RE-install. I don't
understand how I am supposed to snag the toys/games for 2.1 - or is this
what you are saying - they are not going to work on 2.1?

tnx and sorry for the abusive ignorance

On Tuesday 09 January 2001 17:54, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> > The only drawback is I must have my games back. Didn't find them in
> > dselect, perhaps I'm too blind to see the oblivious? Or is there a
> > painless apt-get file I can snag and return my games?
> so..the drawback.. :)
> they are there.  I just did not put them in the task-kde package...I
> probably should add them to the suggests line.
> My rational for this:
>     As maintainer of these packages I have the role of presenting someone
> else's work.  In this case it's the KDE.  Well, when I cleaned up the task
> packages I decided that the contents of kdegames and kdetoys are not a part
> of that environment. Actually I would not consider most of the kde*
> programs part of the KDE.  Most of them are *for* the KDE.  So..I built the
> task-kde package to reflect a set of KDE based applications that would
> enhance that environment...this includes all the admin, network, and
> utilitiy packages. I dropped audio apps into the Suggests section along
> with any apps that are more system dependent (kppp, klpq, klaptopdaemon)
> and packages out of my control (quanta). (oh..and -crypto packages).
> Games and Toys are the least important of all the packages.  ***warning***
> This is my opinion. :)  ***end warning***   I chose not to include them in
> the task package at the time.  (I'll probably add them to the suggests) The
> individual packages are still there and can be installed like any other
> game.
> Ivan


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