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Re: Konqueror/KDE2 beta2 doesn't open link in new window

> > I am running KDE2 beta2 with debs from unstable. On my system
> > Konqueror does not open a new window, when i right click on a link
> > and choose "New Window". In Beta1 this worked okay. Is this bug
> > related on KDE2 or is it related on the debs?

try loging out and back in or try kbuildsycoca

> 	I'm using Ivan's packages for potato with a testing system
> 	(thus, I'm using different packages that you are using) and I
> 	just tested this. It is working correctly here.

I wanted to ask why but I keep forgetting testing != unstable. :)

though I'm working really hard to correct this.


Ivan E. Moore II
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