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Re: Stupid Q - How do you add WM's to KDM?

> There it is. I have installed KDM and I don't know how to add XFCE
> and ICEWM back to the login options (I think they're called
> sessions). How do I add these window managers to KDM? What file do I
> need to tweak?
use the normal setup panel (prefs' -> system -> login manager).

> My previous experience with KDM was with Mandrake, which appears to
> handle it automatically. In Debian, I had been using GDM, which
> appears (that word again) to have better documentation.
the automatic config is actually distro-specific, as the file
locations are: debian has a /etc/kde2/kdmrc. default is
/usr/share/confic/kdmrc, iirc.

> But I like KDM's new features, such as automatic login for non-root
> user.

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