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Re: Licq KDE docking still doesn't work

> working here, compiled 27th januari (using potato)

Ok...  I need clarification. :)

let's not use compiled dates...let's use package version numbers...

so...I'm going to assume this is the licq package that is part of the
kde.tdyc.com suite - package version # 1.0.2-0.potato2

> > Just checking here before sending in a bug-report. For me
> > the KDE support for Licq still doesn't work.
> > I'm running Licq 1.0.2 compiled Jan 28 (according to the about
> > screen) which should have KDE support. If I enable docking, the
> > icon will appear on my desktop, not on the panel.
> > Is there anything special I should do to make it work?

and I'm going to assume you are using the licq package that is part of the
official Debian distribution (for sid) - package version # 1.0.2-3

I'm actually downloading this version right now.


Ivan E. Moore II
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