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Re: laptop & KDE

On Fri, Jan 12, 2001 at 11:02:51AM -0600, techlists@techgod.net wrote:
> I have a clone laptop running Debian 2.2r2.  It has a silicon motion lynx video chipset.
> I have been running xf86 and gnome without any problems for some time now.  I really
> don't like gnome so I installed KDE2.0.  Here is where the strange problem occurs.
> KDM comes up fine.  It starts logging in, when it gets to "loading panel" my screen
> turns off.  The computer is still running, I even get the startup sound.  Now if
> I change sessions to 2(ctrl+alt+f2) then press fn key + 'enable exterior video connection'
> key the screen comes back on with text only.  Then I press ctrl+alt+f7 and the KDE
> interfaces comes up and I have no more of the screen going out.  The weirder thing
> is that if I log out and log in as root KDE comes up fine, but only if I have already
> logged in once before and done those steps. Can anybody help with this?

I had the same problem with my laptop (same chipset)...I reported a bug to
KDE and nothing's come of it yet...I also don't remember what I did to 
solve it...I think I hard coded internal display only in bios...but it's been
so long that I can't truely remember.


Ivan E. Moore II
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