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Re: kppp doesn't work out of the box

El Sáb 13 Ene 2001 00:28, Ivan E. Moore II escribió:
> there are sever "out of the box" problems with the 2.0.1 version of kppp...
> The 2.1 should either work currently out of the box (the latest version
> that is) or will in  the next version.
> If it does not currently it should only be due to a option in
> /etc/ppp/options that kppp requires..(forget which one)...
> if this isnt' the case then I need to know what's broken so I can fix it.
> The perms on kppp should be:
> -rwsr-xr--    1 root     dip        438012 Jan  7 01:08 /usr/bin/kppp
> which should reflect pppd's:
> -rwsr-xr--    1 root     dip        207836 Aug  7 06:46 /usr/sbin/pppd


 that does not work for me. I had to command:

 chmod a+s /usr/bin/kppp

 and it worked.

Pablo de Vicente.

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