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image rendering


I have a strange problem with konqueror. If i click on an image, it gets 
loaded but not rendered. If I just visit the previous page, by pushing back & 
forward buttons, the image is OK. Happens with at least GIF and jpeg image 

Here is a snippet from my .xsession-errors:

fatal parsing error: unexpected end of file in line 1
fatal parsing error: error while parsing prolog in line 1
Parsing error
kparts: WARNING: Part 'child view' has a widget view widget with a focus 
policy of NoFocus. It should have at least a ClickFocus policy, for part 
activation to work well.

Viewing with kview works. Versions of kdelibs and related stuff are newest 
possible 2.1beta2, downloaded today.

Jaakko Kyrö, University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science
Pengerkatu 24 A 3
00500 Helsinki
tel. 040-5960945

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