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Re: Kghostview might need gs

On Fri, Jan 26, 2001 at 03:22:24AM -0600, Gordon Sadler wrote:
> With kghostview installed and no longer requiring gs, I removed gs from
> my system. I don't use pdf/ps all that often anyway. Today I notice a
> reproducible segfault trying to view pdf files. I filed a bug with bt
> to bugs.kde.org.
> Now I went lurking through the source for kghostview, and it most
> definitely has routines to call gs by name. Makes me think maybe
> kghostview cannot provide postscript-viewer, but instead should rely on
> gs or another viewer?
> Hope I'm wrong, like all the options debian gives, but I like to keep
> the number of packages installed to a minimum.

looks like it does need gs...

 "This is Tim Theisen's Ghostview program ported to the K
Desktop Environment. Ghostview is used to view PostScript
documents on Unix X11 systems. It requires Alladin
Ghostcript to actually perform rendering. KGhostview also
uses the Qt toolkit."


Ivan E. Moore II
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