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Re: Dead keys work again!

mánudagur 29. janúar 2001 22:07, Pablo de Vicente skrifaði:
> Ivan,
>  I have updated to KDE2.1beta2 and dead keys work again. It is a wonderful
> improvement after several months without that feature.


Also, the caret (^) suddenly re-appeared, just as I was about to start 
looking at the Icelandic keyboard settings. Apparently that was part of the 
same problem and not a separate one.

Lots of little things started working again in beta 2, but one thing is 
broken. Pressing ctrl-alt-arrow (I may have changed the keyboard settings to 
match icewm, can't remember) to switch between virtual desktops now jumps 2 
desktops to the left or right. This is silly when I've got panel set to tiny. 
Probably whoever made this change has his set to large and has a 2x4 grid of 
desktops in which case this makes sense.

And, from reading kde-core-developers, it seems that the bug reporting system 
is so flooded that sending in a report won't actually help. What should I do?


Logi Ragnarsson - logir@logi.org
Some day we all shall be out of scope

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