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kview & konqueror : no pics (kdesupport??)

Hello all::
I have successfully (?) installed kde2.0 on debian 2.2, but have had some 
bizarre problems afterwards.
Kview won't show any pictures at all, and konqueror only shows some.(! think 
it has something to do with blocking pics with links, but I don't know how to 
turn it off.) I had to compile kdesupport., but I do have libjpeg62 
By the way, I had compiled qt , and it said "compiling without gif, jpeg and 
png support". Then I installed a binary libqt2.2 deb. I don't know if this 
overwrote the previous qt install. I also don't know why it was compiling 
without, say, jpeg support since I have the necessary libraries (I think...)

Thanks for any incoming help,

"For he on honey dew hath fed,
and drunk the milk of paradise"

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