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Re: Standard way to update K menu

On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 05:54:18PM +0100, Frank Ploss wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have to administer a number of accounts of users not so familiar with using 
> computers. I want to make changes to the K menu without telling each user how 
> to change it on their own. And I want a special menu in the K menu called 
> "User menu" or such where the most used and important programs like a word 
> processor, netscape etc. are in. This menu should be the one at the top, just 
> above "Applications".
> How can I do this for all the users at once? E.g. for StarOffice, I copied 
> KOrganizer .desktop file and changed it, but it doesn't appear in the menu. I 
> also tried to add a file to /etc/menu and running update-menus, but that 
> didn't work either.
> So my question is: 
> Is there a "standard" Debian way to add menu entries to the K menu? And if 
> there is or not, how do I do it?

no.  well...yes...the KDE way. :)


that's where all the .desktop files are that make up the K menu globally.  
The menu doesn't update immediatly...there is an option to tell the system
how often to update the menu cache... (default is 60 seconds I think)


Ivan E. Moore II
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