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Re: kfilereplace

El Jue 25 Ene 2001 16:54, Thibaut Cousin escribió:
>   I have a "testing" distribution on i386 with KDE 2.0.1 and I've just
> tried to install kfilereplace 0.6.0-3 (dpkg-source -x ... and
> dpkg-buildpackage). The build is OK, but during the installation I get :
> Setting up kfilereplace (0.6.0-3) ...
> cannot open dhelp file '/usr/doc/kfilereplace/html/.dhelp': at
> /usr/sbin/install-docs line 559.
>   So the post-installation script is not completed and the installation
> fails. I have dhelp installed (version 0.3.23).
>   Any idea ?

 That also failed in KDE 2.1, but Ivan fixed that two days ago. However I 
guess he has not done so for KDE 2.0.1, since that whole branch is well 
frozen. I remember he said he had no way (no boxes I guess) to update that 

Pablo de Vicente.

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