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Re: Quanta and mime types

On Thursday 04 January 2001 23:52, Mariusz Przygodzki wrote:
> I am sorry but I can not reproduce this thing. The debian package of Quanta
> does not provide own MimeType in *.desktop file so this is strange a little
> bit for me.

I can reproduce it partly. When I make a new "link to location (URL)" on my 
desktop and then I click on it the location gets downloaded to some temporary 
location and then aponed by Quanta, not by konqueror. 
If I am using konqueror and then I click bookmarks and choose one, I stay 
inside konqueror, no external Quanta is started.

> The potato version was built by rkrusty@tdyc.com but I don't know if he has
> added MimeType for Quanta.

There is more strange on mime-types in kde2.1 on potato... 
When for example want to open a html file in kwrite, I right-click on the 
file, choose "open with", "Other...", then I browse in the menu to Editors, 
"Advanced Editor". I click on "remember application association". Kwrite gets 
started, nothing wrong till then.
Next time I should be able to choose kwrite or "advanced editor" from the 
list of applications under "open with", but there is no kwrite added...

The same story holds for kview and .bmp files, or whatever. Using konqueror, 
then chosing the "settings" menu, and then the last entry called "configure 
konqueror" does not work either. The settings are not remembered.

Maybe I should have started a new thread in the mailinglist for this, maybe 
someone else will do it.


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