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OT: help with "local" rsync mirror

I am trying to set up a rsync mirror on my local server so I can update 
several machines on my network.  I have successfully setup the mirror as well 
as exported the mirror with nfs.  I can see the nfs mount on my local 
machines just fine.  My problem is that apt is reporting this error (from the 
local workstations):

Failed to fetch file:/mnt/kde2/dists/potato/main/binary-i386/Packages
   File not found
Failed to fetch file:/mnt/kde2/dists/potato/optional/binary-i386/Packages
   File not found
Failed to fetch file:/mnt/kde2/dists/potato/crypto/binary-i386/Packages
   File not found

My apt sources.list line on the workstations looks like this:
deb file:/mnt/kde2 potato main optional crypto

The nfs mount on the local machine looks like this:

user@workstation:~$ ls /mnt/kde2
beta  crypto  main  optional

The mirror on the server looks like this:

user@server:~$ ls /mirror/kde2
beta  crypto  main  optional

For some reason I'm not getting the dists directory.  I suspect that I have 
incorrectly setup the rsync mirror.  Here is what I'm using to rsync the 
mirror (slightly modified script from Joaquim Ortega-Cerda and Achim Bohnet, 
thanks for posting that!):

Called from a cron job:
# declare variables
connection_up=`ifconfig | grep ppp0`
# function to do rsync stuff
do_rsync_function ()
  cd $tdyc_mirror_root
  exec rsync -az --delete --delete-excluded \
   --exclude source/ \
   --exclude incoming/ \
   --exclude changes/ \
   --exclude qt1apps/ \
   --exclude binary-alpha/ \
   --exclude binary-m68k/ \
   --exclude binary-sparc/ \
   --exclude binary-powerpc/ \
   --exclude beta/ \
   kde.tdyc.com::kde/dists/potato/ .
# need a test to see if online
# then start connection as necessary
if [ "$connection_up" == "" ]; then
     pon bellsouth  
     sleep 1m


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