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Re: heads up - kde.tdyc.com crazyness

> >    licq (and the crowd goes wild)
> with kde support ? :) I had to rebuild the plugin qt by hand to have that and 
> it is sure good stuff

FYI, the maintainer of licq is going to include KDE support in future 

> BTW I have revamped the kdevelop(1.4) debian packaging script, and after some 
> discussion with some kdevelop guys, the commit will be in Real soon Now
> Would it be possible to add kdevelop 1.4 in your amazing work in the future?
> I can build the complete package for sid if you want

have no clue about what you did..but I updated my stuff and there are packages.
I have not heard anything about them so I assume people don't know they are
there or they are not having any problems.  not sure. :)

I also have a sid package up at http://people.debian.org/~rkrusty
I do not know what the official maintainer has planned nor have I attempted
to find out.  


Ivan E. Moore II
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