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Font error on opening Root Consoles in Konsole

This is in KDE2.0-potato.

Any time I open a Root Console within Konsole, an
error window appears with the message

Font `-misc-console-medium-r-normal--16-160-72-72-c-160-iso10646-1'
not found. Check README.linux.console for help.

Of course, README.linux.console doesn't exist on my system...

This error also appears if I switch back into an already
open console, unless I go into the Options menu and
select a custom font.

I imagine the problem is the iso10646 stuff, since I think
I only have iso8859 fonts (whatever this means, I'm just
looking in the X11 font directories and that's what I see).

Looking in /usr/share/apps/konsole I don't see a config
file that defines what a "Root Console" is; can anyone
point me to a file to edit?  In any event, this looks like
a packaging bug.

Marty Gelfand, Dept of Physics, Colorado State

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