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KDE2 in potato vs. unstable/testing (was Re: Debian-KDE FAQ...)

> > The List FAQ is going to be started.... so... the first thing is to
> > decide ALL the questions that the FAQ should try to answer...
> > Maybe it could start with:

Do you guys have a question for the difference between getting KDE2
from kde.tdyc.com for potato and just getting KDE2 from debian.org
for unstable? Will the potato one be less current? Or will they always
be about the same? I'm having trouble with unstable/testing and have
decided that I want to do a lot of KDE2 bug reporting, so I'm considering
going to Debian potato and getting KDE2 from kde.tdyc.com . So is
there actually much of a difference in terms of development time between
the KDE2 in potato and KDE2 in unstable/testing?

- Bart

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