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2.1beta2, debugging and Konqueror (was: Re: 2.1beta2 warning)

	Hi, Ivan. Hi fellow community members.

	I have some comments.

	* First of all, thank you, Ivan, for your impressive job
	  maintaining all the packages. It is very much appreciated;

	* Second, I think that your decision to compile the packages
	  with debug symbols enabled while everything is still beta is
	  a welcome change.  After all, if we are willing to help beta
	  test software, we should have the symbols to send dumps to
	  the KDE team. There were numerous times when I found
	  homepages that I could not use with the 2.0.1 Konqueror
	  (since it had a segfault) and I'm willing to test these very
	  same pages with the 2.1 Konqueror (I'll install it as soon
	  as I download it) so that I can let the KDE team know about
	  it, so the community can have a more stable product. After
	  all, Konqueror is the main reason why I and a few friends
	  are using KDE in the first place;

	* Third, when will the 2.1beta2 be officially released? I just
          went to kde.org site and saw that nothing was officially
          announced. BTW, do you happen to know if there is an
          official schedule?

	I have some URLs here that cause Konqueror to not work
	correctly (or that cause plain SIGSEVs). Would other people be
	willing to test them?

	Here are two:


	(A workaround for using the later page is to load:

	Comments are welcome.

	[]s, Roger...

  Rogerio Brito - rbrito@iname.com - http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito/

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