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laptop & KDE

I have a clone laptop running Debian 2.2r2.  It has a silicon motion lynx video chipset.
I have been running xf86 and gnome without any problems for some time now.  I really
don't like gnome so I installed KDE2.0.  Here is where the strange problem occurs.
KDM comes up fine.  It starts logging in, when it gets to "loading panel" my screen
turns off.  The computer is still running, I even get the startup sound.  Now if
I change sessions to 2(ctrl+alt+f2) then press fn key + 'enable exterior video connection'
key the screen comes back on with text only.  Then I press ctrl+alt+f7 and the KDE
interfaces comes up and I have no more of the screen going out.  The weirder thing
is that if I log out and log in as root KDE comes up fine, but only if I have already
logged in once before and done those steps. Can anybody help with this?


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