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heads up - kde.tdyc.com crazyness


   Ok, so I just kicked off my mirror script to mirror kde.tdyc.com to the
new server.  I'm sorry for the delay on the new beta2 packages but I kinda
am forced to make this move before I can upload...(my upload died due to
kde.tdyc.com running out of disk space...)...sooo...as soon as that's done I'll
finish the upload, make sure rsync and everything is setup on the box, change
the dns and let you all know...so there will be some migration time where ppl
will still have the old dns information so I won't touch the existing server
for a few days...

The new packages will also include:

   knetfilter (+ a iptables package)
   aethera (someone needs to adopt this package)
   bibletime w/ sword and modules
   licq (and the crowd goes wild)
updated packages:

   QT 2.2.3  (lots and lots of cleanup, upstream fixes, etc...)
   KDE 2.1 beta2 (+ a bit)
      This includes updated KOffice packages labeled as beta2 even tho they
      were not part of the beta2 release...

I think there is other stuff...but I dont' remember...


Ivan E. Moore II
GPG Fingerprint=F2FC 69FD 0DA0 4FB8 225E 27B6 7645 8141 90BC E0DD

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