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[no subject] (forw) [ Re: util-linux compromised] (no subject) Re: (repost) HOWTO pcmcia + 2.2.0-pre1 -rpath with libtool and Debian Linux the .app extension on (some) wmaker apps /pub/incoming/debian-non-US not writable /usr/lib/apt/methods/http - close(-1) /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: argp_program_version 2.0.36 in slink, so isdnutils should go in as well! 2.1.125 source in slink - why? 822-date obsolete? Re: [offtopic] Re: Where is GMT=? ¿Misuse of Debian name and logo? Re: Where is GMT=? Re: Misuse of Debian name and logo? Re: Where is GMT=? =?x-unknown?q?=5Bofftopic=5D_Re=3A_Where_is_GMT=3D=3F?= [ Uploaded cgiwrap 3.6.3-1 (source i386) to master] RE: [Fwd: [Jikes-License] Jikes Parser Generator now available i [Fwd: [Jikes-License] Jikes Parser Generator now available in source form] Re: [Fwd: [Jikes-License] Jikes Parser Generator now available in source form] [HERT] ANNOUNCE: linux auditd daemon 1.10 [non English versions] Re: New DFSG Draft revision #3 Fw: Re: [Off-Topic] Distribution 2.2-ready] Re: [Re: Call for mascot! :-)] Re: [Re: spectremu - zx spectrum emulator.] [ PNIAM 0.02 release] [Sorry] Re: Bug#24: auoeuoeueouoeu [Suggestion] Dvipdfm, a DVI to PDF translator [Waaaaay Off-Topic] Re: Call for mascot! :-) -- flying pigs [ Debian (slink) netstd] AD:Family Reunion T Shirts & More Adding Hurd architecture/os to dpkg and packaging scripts. Re: Adopting dpkg-ftp Re: agreeing with the DFSG (was Re: non-free --> non-dfsg) Ah-HA! Icewm segfaulting revealed, only $19.95! Announce (and question): Masquerading PPP server based on Debian Annoying subjects in debian-bugs-closed anybody from Dortmund / Germany or around? Anybody packaging doxygen ? anyone doing a dpkg NMU? Anyone have a slink box I could use? Apache bug Apache orphaned? Appreciating developers Apt rocks; Gnome rocks. apt-get install (for source) apt-get: no instalation candidat ARM port, auto-recompilation, and binary-only revision bumps Article introducing Slink Re: Article: IBM wants to "clean up the license" of Linux autoconf/aclocal.m4/gtk-config issues - RF information automatic apt-get Back to the logo license (semi-formal proposal) Bad init.d scripts Bad signature? (Was: Re: New DFSG Draft revision #3) boot disk question/suggestion Brand new devscripts package now available for perusal bug list @ Bug tracking system problem with `send <BUGNUM>' Bug#24: auoeuoeueouoeu Re: Bug#26662: Debian Bug#26662: Request for tetex-cjk package Bug#27050 (fdutils): A cause for security concern? Re: Bug#29352: Emacs postrm doesn't remove its site-lisp directory Re: Bug#31441: mutt: Mail can be lost from inbox! Bug#31581: project: Time between releases is too long Re: Bug#31722:glibc2.1 & v2.0 kernel headers Bug#31864: marked as done (Should programs that access /dev/* be SGID?) Bug#31864: Should programs that access /dev/* be SGID? Bug#32068: multicd can't reinstall removed package Re: Bug#32156: anacron: It ran unnexpectedly! Bug#32595: -> Big Business Re: Bug#32595: remove obsolete and confusing acquisition methods: harddisk, mounted, cdrom, nfs bug? with file-rc bugs list Build-Depends (Was Source-Depends) building shlibs Building slink CD images bzip2 compressed files Call for mascot! :-) Re: Call for mascot! :-) -- flying pigs Re: Call for mascot! :-) Re: calling Clint Adams re zsh Can I put a new package in frozen? Category tags - debcat program Category tags for Debian - debcat program check if X is running? chroot, squid and the fhs? Re: cleanfeed as debian package? Re: COBOL COLA Re: Comments on Debian packages and installation Re: Communicator - Xserver problem config.{sub,guess} proposal Conflicts in libgtk*-dev Corrected message ? Crack? Cops? cracklib-runtime NMU creating new package cron has gone to UTC time? crypt [Re: off-topic! Anonymous CVS access?] Crypto software that *is* exportable from the USA The last update was on 06:10 GMT Sun Dec 12. There are 2737 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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