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Back to the logo license (semi-formal proposal)

We have free software guidelines, we have a logo.  There may be room for
improvement in both, but we do have them.  What we lack is a license for
the logo.  This may be a minor issue, but I believe that it's rather
critical right now.

It has been suggested that we trademark the logo.  This is a good idea,
however, it requires time, money, and paperwork.  Plus, if we want to
change the logo later, we'll need to spend *more* time and money to get
a new trademark for the new logo.  Thus, I propose that we instead use
the following license, which can be applied to any of our logos:


   The Debian logo may be used AS IF it were a trademark of the
   Debian Project.  It may be used freely within any software
   that is included in a Debian system.  Outside of the Debian
   project, it may be used to refer to the Debian project.

Short, sweet, and to the point.  Feedback welcomed.  Seconds welcomed.

I would really like to see if we can avoid drowning in legalese for
once.  :-)

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