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Re: -rpath with libtool and Debian Linux

On Jan 30, 1999, Manish Singh <yosh@gimp.org> wrote:

>> No, LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not override rpath.  The rpath is searched
>> first, and then the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is searched.  I think you may have
>> agreed with that later in your message.

> This is another irksome thing about libtool and -rpath. Test programs,
> even if they are marked noinst, use -rpath, and when they are run using
> the installed version instead of the newly built one. Which is annoying,
> since the whole point of test programs is to make sure the library is
> working *before* you install it.

Yep, this is a known bug in libtool, and a partial fix for it, by
Edouard Parmelan, is already installed in the CVS tree.  Hopefully,
someone will soon be able to complete his work, based on the short
description of what is missing he recently provided.

Alexandre Oliva  http://www.dcc.unicamp.br/~oliva  aoliva@{acm.org}
Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil

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