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Call for mascot! :-)

While I'm on the topic of the logo, it occurred to me that it might be
nice to choose a mascot for the Debian project.  Some sort of beast that
we can use in the logo and in other Debian-related images.  Much as
Linux has its penguin, BSD has its devil, and GNU has its, erm, gnu. 
Debian should have its own mascot, IMO, separate from any of these.

This is just an idea, and I won't be offended if it's rejected.

Anyway, I just thought that if we picked a mascot, then we could mention
it in the rules for the proposed GIMP contest for a new Debian logo.

I brought this up on IRC, and got the following suggestions:

1.  Dragon (well-liked choice on IRC)
2.  Octopus (my own suggestion)
3.  Monkey
4.  Ant
5.  Bee

Personally, I think octopi are really cute, they're smart (for
invertebrae), and I kind of like the symbolism of many arms working
together as part of a whole, but perhaps I'm a little crazy.  :-)
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