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Re: Communicator - Xserver problem

On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, Rainer Dorsch wrote:

> Starting mozilla (the navigator) brings up the navigator and all buttons in 
> the toolbar are black instead of green. But this is really the only color 
> problem I obsered (gimp startup looks good, xv startup looks good, and even 
> the pages loaded withing netscape look good!).
> The problem seems to be tacked to this screen/Xserver (Millenium II, 
> SVGA-Server). Starting mozilla from a remote machine has the same problem!
> [...]
> Does anybody know a test which could help to localize the problem on $PDM (as 
> stated, the problem occurs only in mozilla so far!)

I think this is a problem with the color depth - as far as I remember,
netscape does not like a depth of 24 bits. Try starting your X
server with 16 or 32 instead.


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