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Re: [Re: Call for mascot! :-)]

>On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, Chris Waters wrote:
>> 1.  Dragon (well-liked choice on IRC)
>> 2.  Octopus (my own suggestion)
>> 3.  Monkey
>> 4.  Ant
>> 5.  Bee

>Ants and Bees are probably the easiest to do cool 3d raytracings with, if
>that's any thing.  I'd have to take ants.  Lots of little creatures doing
>their own thing, but cooperatively building something really cool as a
>result. Hmmm, that sounds familiar. :)


I would definately have to agree. Ants (like in the film Antz) look really
cool. They work together, co-operate and produce super human (or super ant)
Octopi are silly and unrelated, dragons are just meaningless symbols that
could look really good or bad. Ants (or bees) have something really catchy
about them.


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