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Re: Ah-HA! Icewm segfaulting revealed, only $19.95!


Ship's Log, Lt. Steve Lamb, Stardate 311298.2208:
>     I think I found out why icewm was segfaulting.  I had it set to the
> metal2 theme and for some reason that theme is causing problems!  When I
> reset to gtk or metal it works fine.  Can someone configrm this with a Slink
> icewm?

I can reproduce this.
As soon as I switch to metal2 it's gone ...

Getting package's info...done.
Package: icewm
Version: 0.9.15-2-- System Information
Debian Release: 2.1
Kernel Version: Linux Aleph 2.1.125 #1 Thu Dec 3 14:08:52 CET 1998 i586 unknown

Versions of the packages icewm depends on:
ii  libc6            2.0.7v-1 The GNU C library version 2 (run-time files)
ii  libstdc++2.9    2.91.60-1 The GNU stdc++ library (egcs version)
ii  xlib6g shared libraries required by X clients
ii  xpm4g            3.4j-0.6 Pixmap libraries (for libc6) - runtime

Argl .. bug should have a 'just fill in an information fo a mailer sheet option

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