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Re: config.{sub,guess} proposal

Gordon Matzigkeit <gord@trick.fig.org> writes:


   >>>>> Jim Pick writes:

    JP> Part of the problem is that autoconf, automake, libtool, dejagnu
    JP> and other tools each provide their own versions of these files.
    JP> As a result, they get out-of-date and out-of-sync as the source
    JP> packages age.

   Speaking from the libtool perspective, Per's recommendation is fine.

   Currently, libtool only bundles these files because not all developers
   want to install autoconf or automake to use libtool.  On a Debian
   system, libtool's files should definitely defer to the most recent
   ones from CVS.

I haven't been following this discussion, but if the proposal is that
someone should package separately the latest version of all those
files mentioned, with autoconf, etc., simply referencing the versions
in that package, I'm all for it.  As long as they're not proposing
that I maintain this new package :-)
"To the engineer, the world is a toy box full of sub-optimized and
 feature-poor toys." --Scott Adams

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