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Re: check if X is running?

On Sun, Jan 24, 1999 at 02:43:49AM +0000, Martin Held wrote:
> Hmm.  This sounds a lot like the Matlab Engineering tool I just learned
> how to use last Term.  It's mainly console based, but can display graphs
> and plots and the like.  If the user doesn't have the DISPLAY variable set
> right, it just tries to send the graphics off to a null server and doens't
> even give an error message.  If your program doesn't require X11 to run
> (as in, there are some things in there that never require X), you could
> consider letting the user run the program even if $DISPLAY isn't set, and
> maybe give a warning that it hasn't, or something like that.

Sounds very similar. This package is SatTrack, a sattelite tracking
program. It displays a screen full of tracking parameters, but can
give an optional graphical display of the earth and the sattellite's
current position.

thanks for your input.

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