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Re: [non English versions] Re: New DFSG Draft revision #3

Vincent Renardias writes:
> So legally speaking, anyone shipping GPL'ed software in France (for
> example) is shipping Licence-less software (ie: public domain).

You've got that exactly backwards.  License-less software is "all rights
reserved": you cannot make any copies at all.  

A license such as the GPL is your defense against an infringement suit by
the author.  It works like this: You acquire a copy of emacs and give away
copy (complying with the GPL).  The FSF sues you for infringement.  Your
defense?  Put RMS on the stand and make him admit that he distributed emacs
under the GPL.  The judge will immediately dismiss the case.  Are you going
to then turn around and say "But your honor!  This document is not in
french! please throw it out, reinstate the case, and rule against me!" ?
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