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[Fwd: [Jikes-License] Jikes Parser Generator now available in source form]

Wonderful news from IBM.  I will have packages up shortly.

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Subject: [Jikes-License] Jikes Parser Generator now available in source
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 14:33:12 -0500
From: shieldsd@us.ibm.com
Reply-To: Jikes-License@Watson.IBM.Com
To: jikes@Watson.IBM.Com,

We've just shipped the source for the Jikes Parser Generator to
It should be available in a few hours:
 We plan no support other than to make sure it processes java.g
as the Jikes compiler itself is our first priority.

For license-fans: It uses a license based on the revised Jikes license,
i.e., it's the new Jikes license with 'Compiler' changed to 'Parser
Generator'.  The termination clause now uses the same language as the
SecureMailer license (also available from alphaworks).

dave and philippe

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