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Re: [Fwd: [Jikes-License] Jikes Parser Generator now available in source form]

On Jan 27, Mike Goldman <whig@by.net> wrote:
 >For license-fans: It uses a license based on the revised Jikes license,
 >i.e., it's the new Jikes license with 'Compiler' changed to 'Parser
 >Generator'.  The termination clause now uses the same language as the
 >SecureMailer license (also available from alphaworks).
Then it's still not free:

In the event an intellectual property claim is made or appears likely
to be made with respect to the Software, you agree to permit IBM to
enable you to continue to use the Software, or to modify it, or replace
it with software that is at least functionally equivalent.  If IBM
determines that none of these alternatives is reasonably available, you
agree, at IBM's request, upon notice to you, to discontinue further
distribution of the Software and to delete or destroy all copies of the
Software you possess.  This is IBM's entire obligation to you regarding
any claim of infringement.


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