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Re: 2.0.36 in slink, so isdnutils should go in as well!

Paul Slootman <paul@debian.org> wrote:

>> So here's a completely different idea: I tried out your 3.* package
>> when I was still using Kernel 2.0.34. The only problem with this
>> was the isdnctrl program, all other programs worked without any
>> problems.

> I'd be interested to know what exactly went wrong, as on my tests
> the new isdnctrl works fine (it does display a message that it
> detected an old kernel, but that shouldn't be a problem; that's why
> the new device.xxx script has "|| true" added to the end of the
> "isdnctrl dialmode" line.

I cannot fully remember what the problem was, but I think it was the
fact that the new isdnctrl doesn't support the option "status on/off", 
so it wasn't possible to dial out.

But at the moment I'm not completely sure, whether "status" came from
the official kernel or from the isdn4linux CVS tree. IIRC in the
official kernel status was "on" by default, while it was "off" in the
CVS code.

So my problems my not exist with the official kernels <= 2.0.35.

> Hang on, that isn't an isdnctrl from the old isdnutils-2.1.beta1
> package; that didn't have dialmode _or_ status; only the CVS
> versions had that...

Correct, I installed Debian on my server only step by step and so I
came from the CVS and not from isdnutils-2.1.beta1.

> Again, this should not be necessary. Perhaps if you were also
> running some version of the CVS kernel code for ISDN there might be
> some problem, but standard debian kernels never needed the "isdnctrl
> status" command.

Okay, than it shouldn't be a problem to simply upgrade slink to



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