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Re: config.{sub,guess} proposal

On Mon, Jan 04, 1999 at 07:26:56PM -0700, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> >   config.guess
> >   config.sub
> >   install-sh
> >   missing
> >   mdate-sh
> >   mkinstalldirs

> Doesn't each source package contain it's own version of these files
> anyhow? So even if you update the master copy you still need to update the
> local copy in the .tar.gz you want to compile :|

Yes. Run automake, autoconf, libtoolize --force and whatever applies on the
build target...  if you do that, it would be a good idea to clean the mess
afterwards in the clean target, unless, of course, you are willing to have
80+ kB diff.gz files that won't apply but to the very version they were
built with.


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