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Re: agreeing with the DFSG (was Re: non-free --> non-dfsg)

Hi Steve and Manoj,

> Probably. I guess I just like a little more enthusiasm than "I'll abide
> by the rules."

Steve, I'm sorry I gave you that impression.  I'm always talking about how
great Debian is to my colleagues and always try to convince them to try
and use Debian.  You may not think so but I am always trying to promote
Debian as a better alternative to the usual OS my colleagues use.  I hope
that you and everyone believe me when I say that.

Manoj, please don't feel that you have you defend the DFSG and free
software in general to me (was I the "brother in the cause"?).  There
really is no need.  This isn't the first time my objectivity has gotten me
into flame wars, although it was never my intent to start any of them. In
fact, when I first started using Debian you and I had a "little spat"
because of my objectivity.  I tell you what, I do not want to cause any
trouble in Debian so in the future I will try to be more careful about
causing such a raucous; no more "analogies" and "examples," or at least
I'll try.

Fair enough guys?  If so, then let's end this thread on a good note. :)

Ossama Othman <othman@cs.wustl.edu>
58 60 1A E8 7A 66 F4 44  74 9F 3C D4 EF BF 35 88  1024/8A04D15D 1998/08/26

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