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Re: agreeing with the DFSG (was Re: non-free --> non-dfsg)

Hi Steve,

> If Debian *stops* making sure that new developers agree[1] with the
> DFSG, then think *I'd* reconsider my developer status. If you don't
> agree[1] with the DFSG, why on earth do you want to be a Debian
> developer? Now, when I joined, there was no DFSG or social contract,

Because I believe in free (insert my definition :) software and want to
contribute to it.

Steve, forgive me for giving you a brief response.  However, I believe
that I have justified my beliefs concerning the DFSG throughout the course
of this thread and rather hoped that this thread had ended.

Free thought is good thing, not a bad thing.  Just because I joined Debian
doesn't mean that I should have to abandon my opinions.  I will abide by
the DFSG even though there are some (very few) things that I disagree
with.  I do agree with the spirit of the DFSG, but not all of its

Steve, please don't misconstrue the tone of this message.  I'm not trying
to snap back at you or anything of the like.  I'm a big fan of Debian and
only want to see it grow and succeed.

One tired developer, :)

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