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Re: Adopting dpkg-ftp

Raphael Hertzog writes:
 > Le Mon, Dec 28, 1998 at 07:54:11PM -0800, Guy Maor écrivait:
 > > You should look at the dpkg-ftp in experimental if you want to pursue
 > > this.  I personally think it's a waste of time as apt-get has
 > > obsoleted dpkg-ftp.
 > I've seen dpkg-ftp_1.5.1 in experimental. In fact, several bugs reported
 > are for dpkg-ftp_1.5.1. :)

BTW, most of them were reported by myself IIRC ;)

I'd suggest you just ignore 1.5.1, as the new features it adds are
basically taken care of in apt, and Klee's approach to them tend to
ignore lots of features 1.4.9.x bring.

WRT the versions of APT I tested, I had the deep feeling its FTP
method is nowhere near what dpkg-ftp can do.

However it may be worth to work on apt-ftp, to bring it beyond the level
of functionality dpkg-ftp currently has, instead of adding more
functionality to a package which will surely be dropped some day.

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