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Re: Comments on Debian packages and installation

On Thu, Jan 07, 1999 at 06:48:02PM -0500, Zephaniah E, Hull wrote:
>(Note that I set the Reply-To header to -devel, as it seems to be agreed
>that this is not a -private issue)
>On Thu, Jan 07, 1999 at 10:30:08PM +0100, David Frey wrote:
>> I disagree. Just because a government made silly rules about the 
>> use of some software it is not generally non-DFSG.
>> I suggest to sort out the packages in non-US into the proper categories:
>> non-US/main	# DFSG-free, non-importable-for-US packages,
>> non-US/contrib  # DFSG-free, but dependant on non-US/non-free,
>> non-US/non-free # non-DFSG-free, import-restricted.
>Errrrrm, I assume you mean
>non-US/main	# DFSG-free, non-exportable-for-US packages,
>non-US/contrib  # DFSG-free, but dependent on non-US/non-free,
>non-US/non-free # non-DFSG-free, export-restricted.

Ups. Mostly, yes. There may be patent-restricted packages though (RSA
comes to mind...), which couldn't be imported into US.


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