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Re: -rpath with libtool and Debian Linux

On Sat, Jan 30, 1999 at 05:49:39PM -0500, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
>    * Is there a better way to do a library transition? I think it is very
>    obvious, that the only correct behaviour is to change the
>    library/soname of all involeved libraries when doing a transition.
>    So we had to move either from libfoo.2 to libfoog.2, libfoo.libc6.2,
>    libc6/libfoo.2 or whatever, until a new library with a new, incompatible,
>    soname is released. Changing the name does not look correct, so we had
>    to change soname or path.
> When you make an incompatible change to a shared library, change the
> soname.  That's just a matter of choosing a name for the new library
> and tweaking a symlink.  There is no reason to do anything else.

Yes, this is what I meant. Debian should have changed the sonames of the
libc6 libraries when the library exists for libc5, too.
> What do you mean when you say ``changing the name does not look
> correct?''

Well, you _could_ rename the library, and recompile applications using the
new name... for a transition period... OTOH I realized that this would be
very ugly and require changes to Makefiles etc... so it "does not look
correct" == "is a stupid and brain dead idea".

>    Shouldn't there be a way to override rpath? Currently,LD_LIBRARY_PATH does
>    override rpath, right?
> No, LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not override rpath.  The rpath is searched
> first, and then the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is searched.  I think you may have
> agreed with that later in your message.

Sorry about the typo. I meant to say "does not override rpath".


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