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Re: Crypto software that *is* exportable from the USA

>  - I would not be able to include the new crypto features in the package
>    anyway due to US export laws.

no, the US version contains no crypto code.

> (Debian packages are binary only, and

Both the source and binary US versions of mirrordir contain no crypto

>    FTP connectivity is not assured, so the "download sources from
>    South Africa" model does not work.) 

I will set it to only download when the crypto stuff is used, so that
ordinary usage does not cause an automatic ftp transfer of the scripts.
When users discover the security features, they can then bother with not
having ftp connectivity.
Is this OK?

>  - Most of the recent releases have been bug fixes of crypto features.
>    Besides the above problem with crypto, it does not appear stable.

There have been some very important bug fixes in the ftp code. Also, the
crypto stuff is now quite stable.


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