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Re: Call for mascot! :-)

On Thu, Jan 28, 1999 at 09:28:29PM +0000, Edward John M. Brocklesby wrote:

> > >I mean, how often do you see an Octopus flying across the sky?
> > 
> >     I can honestly say that I'm more likely to see an octopus fly across the
> > sky than a dragon.
> I don't think so - Octopi can't fly! (Unless they flap their arms (legs?)
> really hard, and then they'd run out of energy and die from falling :)

Sigh.. ok, so I guess it's too late, and we spam -devel with this
stuff.  Did you people not read my request to move this to -publicity?
Personally, I like talking about these things, but I imagine that, as
is the case with all the junk on -legal, there are people who really
don't care at all, and don't really want to read about it.

In any case.. Penguins don't fly either, even though they are birds,
and 'should' fly!  And that doesn't stop us from loving them;-)
Although, personally, I think the BSD demon is way cooler than the

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