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Re: cron has gone to UTC time?

On 27-Jan-99, 16:54 (CST), Douglas Bates <bates@stat.wisc.edu> wrote: 
> On a slink machine I have a crontab entry that should perform an rsync
> of a site that I mirror around 22:40 my time (-0600).  I have started to
> get the reports from the job a little after 16:40 my time which just
> happens to be 22:40 UTC.

If you have not yet restarted your cron daemon, could you add a command
to your cron file that does 'date' and 'date -u'? Set it to run more
than (your timezone offset) in the future...send me the output, the
crontab entry, and if possible the extract of cron.log that shows the
thing running. (If you are not currently logging cron, add this entry to
your syslog.conf and then do 'kill -HUP /var/run/syslogd.pid'

cron.*                          /var/log/cron.log 

The other interesting thing would be a list of the packages you have
newly installed or upgraded recently -- Jason Gunthorpe thinks there may
be a relationship. Anything you can think of would be a help...

Assuming, of course, that the machine involved can be used in this way.
If it can't be done, no problem, but if you see it again, please do as
much as the above as you can before you restart cron.

debian-devel folks: if any of you see similar behaviour in cron, and if
you have the time, please try the above experiment.


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