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Re: Comments on Debian packages and installation

On Mon, Jan 18, 1999 at 07:56:23PM +0000, Jules Bean wrote:
> 1) Ban suggestions from main to non-free or contrib
> 2) Implement enhances for the last set of examples
> 3) Ditch the rest (well, the rest above).
> Lots of people aren't going to agree with me on this one...

Well, FWIW, actually I do. I have not seen one example which is actually
very useful and can't be done by Enhance.

Suggesting a package just ebcause two packages work together seems not to
make much sense to me. The relation between those packages should be close
to warrant a suggest. A good example is a library package and it's
documetation package. Even if the docs are non-free, this can be donme with
Enhance quite well.

If the relation is so loose that an Enhance sounds inappropriate, the
Suggest is probably already wrong.

Either 1,2,3 or 2,1,3 as Raul suggested is fine for me. 


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