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Re: Comments on Debian packages and installation

Jules Bean <jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> So, MHO is:
> 1) Ban suggestions from main to non-free or contrib
> 2) Implement enhances for the last set of examples
> 3) Ditch the rest (well, the rest above).
> Lots of people aren't going to agree with me on this one...

Personally, I'd say implement Enhances: before banning such Suggests:

[And, I think that slink should go out "as-is" and hope that Enhances:
is ready for potato.]  

[But I do hope that for slink we at least will allow people to have an
"official debian cdrom set" which just contains main and not contrib --
in hamm you had to get contrib to get all the sources for main, or your
cdrom set couldn't be considered "official".]

I've a few more thoughts (on the level of collaberation which should
be present between maintainers for Suggests: Recommands: Enhances:
or Depends:), but I guess I should wait for attention on underlying
problems before running on about such things.


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