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Re: check if X is running?

On Sun, Jan 24, 1999 at 02:30:56AM +0000, Martin Held wrote:
> I think another way to do it is to build two seperate binaries.  For
> example, create xprog and prog, one that is X-only, and another that is
> console-only.  This allows the user to specifcally set which version they
> want, and it might also reduce the amount of code needed per program and
> speed it up a bit.  Downside is, tho, you have to actually seperate the
> code for both programs, and keep them updated at the same time (or just
> share .c files... however you please.).  Anyway.  As far as detection, I
> dunno, but hope this helps. 

That's an idea. The same binary does text and graphics just fine;
it's mostly text oriented but can display some graphics too. However,
since it's linked against X, the package depends on the X libraries.

Even with the X version installed, it runs fine in text mode, so I
still need the check for X11 :-)

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